Every year for the past 2 years our master artist Amber Gotzmeister has travelled to rural areas of India with The India Project to provide free medical tattoos to those in need.  Her mission is to provide 100% free medical tattoos  for the scars of acid attack victims, of accidental scars from such things as gas explosions, and to those suffering from hypo-pigmentation disorders such as vitiligo.  

Many of these people suffer greatly in their traditional society because they appear different.  They are often disregarded by their families and peers.  Many of her patients cannot get jobs, may not be accepted in marriage, and are often hidden or enslaved due to their appearance.  



Next year's medical mission takes place in January 2020.  Amber will be returning to continue her work on her previous patients as well as accepting new patients in the cities of Indore and Jaipur.  Hundreds of potential patients are expected to show up for pre-screening.  




Amber's mandate is to give priority to the previous patients from the last 2 years, as most of theses types of medical tattoos do require multiple treatments.  From there she focuses on women of marriageable age, and then young women, boys and men.  She does see a lot of children as well and they are considered for treatment on a case by case basis.  Due to the fact they they are still growing we may ask that they wait until they are 18 years of age.

Amber is donating 100% of her time to her mission, and she fundraises to cover her expenses that are required to make her mission possible.  Her expenses include : flights, visa application, accommodations, and all of her tattooing and disinfection supplies.  

You can help make her mission possible by donating to her cause HERE.