What is it?
Permanent tattooing of freckles and/or beauty marks is the latest trend in cosmetic tattooing.  We can place them anywhere on the face or body in any combination or pattern from very strategically place perhaps over an existing mark that has lost its colour to natural sporadic freckling of the cheek, nose, and forehead areas.  The possibilities are endless!

How long does it last?
These procedures are permanent. However, this will vary based on various individual factors.  Tattooing on the face is always subject to fading.

What to expect?
The tattoo will look darker immediately after the procedure. Over the course of the next week, the freckles/beauty mark will soften to a natural state.  Any colour can be chosen, our artists are masters at blending the perfect natural looking colours. 

Preparing for your appointment
Have your ideas ready! Bring inspiration photos if you have some.

After your procedure
No touching the area, expect the colour to appear dark and to have some slight swelling around each spot.

Pricing: Beauty Marks - Starting at $150, Faux Freckles - Starting at $400