What is it?
This procedure is available to those with any type of hypo-pigmentation (loss of colour) due to melanin disorders, scars, or stretch marks.  This is the perfect way to camouflage these discrepancies. 

How long does it last?
This procedure is permanent.  However if the surrounding skin gets a “tan” the area tattooed will appear lighter until the “tan” fades back to the original skin colour.

What to expect?
A patch test is necessary to perform this procedure effectively.  Once the proper colour is determined the procedure can take place.  Topical anaesthetic will be used so the process is quite comfortable.

Preparing for your appointment:
No alcohol consumption 24 hours prior to your appointment.

No over the counter blood thinners 24 hours prior to your appointment (ex, ibuprofen, ASA)A

After your procedure:

The area will be bandaged, and aftercare instructions will be provided.

Pricing: Starting at $350.