We totally understand how this is a tough time for everyone! Our generation has never seen a pandemic like this one before when the whole world (mostly) is under lock down to prevent further spreading of the disease. We all need to play our part in contributing to this society by staying home. It really isn’t all that bad when we that’s all we are asked to do!

During this time, there are things we can do to help us pass time more productively.

Besides binge-ing on Netflix, have you tried some of these?

  • Finish reading a book you have been trying to
  • Cook up a fancy meal
  • Clean your closet - try donating some of the stuff you no longer wear
  • Take an online course 
  • De-clutter your house - Time to Marie Kondo your condo ..or house
  • Online shop for new stuff for your house
  • Get minor repairs made around the place 
  • Build an online business
  • Write a blog - Why not?
  • Try an online pilates class 

Pick something that tickles your boat and go through with it! Make it a little project for you. Include your SO or little people if you have any. Have fun with it! Staying home isn’t so bad if you keep yourself productive and busy! Have a fun quarantine!



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