What can we do during this time to make a difference?

The Covid-19 pandemic persists but there are many hopeful and kind-hearted stories of people  who are trying to make this difficult time a little easier. There are various ways to help during this time. Some people are donating funds or supplies, increasing awareness, or simply simple notes to boost everyone’s spirits. 


If you want to donate supplies, you can always contact your local hospitals or medical centres. Here in Toronto, there are numerous hospitals that have organized campaigns for Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) donations. The Good Geisha is donating gloves to Michael Garron Hospital. 

Learn more about their campaign and how you can donate: https://www.tehn.ca/about-us/newsroom/ppe-drive-medical-leaders-launch-campaign-support-covid-19-response

Another hospital that can use the help is SunnyBrook. CLICK BELOW on how you can help! https://sunnybrook.ca/content/?page=novel-coronavirus-covid-19-donate-masks-ppe


“Canadian charities are responding at home and around the world to help stop the spread of the disease and support communities affected. Charities are working with local governments, WHO, and other agencies to contain the disease to stop the spread.”

Below is a link that provides you various official hospitals or healthcare centres that are accepting donations: https://www.canadahelps.org/en/donate-to-coronavirus-outbreak-response/

Unfortunately at a time like this there are scams and fraudulent websites asking for donations. Beware of these fake websites. Also verify before donating. 


Many of our community and neighbourhood agencies rely on volunteers to help deliver their services.

Many Torontonians have expressed an interest in helping vulnerable, isolated residents and families during this emergency period. If you would like to volunteer, find out more on how you can help! CLICK BELOW: https://www.toronto.ca/home/covid-19/covid-19-social-support/


Another way to help is simply by sharing awareness! Promote and encourage people to stay at home. 

The fastest and most effective way to flatten the curve is if EVERYONE takes part in stay at home. 

We can all help! 

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