What's the difference?

MICROBLADING is a short term tattoo for the eyebrows.  We use tiny pin like needles (not an actual blade)  to implant pigment into the skin approximately 0.5 mm deep using a manual tool.  This results in crisp realistic lines that resemble real eyebrow hairs.  This style of tattooing is meant to last up to 1 year.   You will require 1 touchup session within 4-6 weeks prior to initial appointment. 

MICROPIGMENTATION is a permanent tattoo for eyebrows, eyeliners, lips, beauty marks, colour correction, scaring, areola/ nipple complex, and scalp using a state of the art electrical machine.  Any form of tattooing on the face, palms of hands, and soles of feet will fade faster than anywhere else on the body. Therefore the longevity of the tattoo will be unique to each persons needs, skin type, and lifestyle.  

CONSULTATIONS we LOVE answering lots of questions and recommend booking a FREE consultation with our artists.  Amber and Anna will take the time to explain in exact detail how each procedure is performed, What to expect during and afterwards.  How to take care of your new cosmetic tattoo, and customize each procedure to your specific needs.

AFTERCARE Colour retention and proper healing will depend on your home care regimen.

Keep the area of pigmentation lightly moist with using Tattoo Aftercare Balm and keep the area moist for a full 7-10 days. Use a clean Q-Tip and lightly massage a thin coat over the area several times per day.

This step is very important – keeping the pigmented skin moist with an aftercare balm will control the amount of drying and crusting, this will the offer aid to colour retention.

To Avoid Swelling.... a gel ice pack can be applied to the area. Place the gel ice pack in a plastic baggie to avoid moisture on the pigmented area. Apply as needed a few minutes on then off. Elevate your pillow in bed for the first evening or two. Do not use ice cubes and a towel!!! Unwanted moisture will result in crusting and colour loss.

Please Do Not.... pick, peel, or scratch as this could cause scarring or removal of colour. Do not touch the area except for applying Tattoo Aftercare Balm.

Avoid.... any type of skin peels or products containing Retin A, Glycolic Acid and make-up over the pigmented area. Avoid hot, steamy showers or long baths. Keep your face away from the shower head and apply a thick coating of Tattoo Aftercare Balm while bathing or showering.

Keep in mind.... Colour will appear very sharp and dark immediately after your procedure. This is because the colour is sitting on top of the skin. Once the skin starts to healing the colour will fade considerably, as it is then filtered beneath the skin. Do not be alarmed if it appears most of the colour is flaking off. Some of this crusting will appear on your Q-Tip, this is normal. This is the superficial colour and is shed as part of the natural healing process.

Also... The sun can cause fading to the pigmented area. Always keep a light coat of sun block on pigmented eyebrows and or lips.