Balancing Eyebrows...say goodbye to your high/low brow!

Let’s talk frank – when it comes to our eyebrows, we all want to achieve that perfectly symmetrical, even and flawless look. And of course we would – being fabulous is what we do and how we carry ourselves. 

When it comes to our eyebrows, The Good Geisha takes balancing eyebrows to a whole new level. We don’t just strive for it – we are obsessed with it. Like mastering any skill, the key to The Good Geisha being the Leonardo Divinci of eyebrows is the fact we practice, continue learning, practice, continue learning and we repeat this cycle like the Fibonacci Sequence.  As artists we hold our work to the highest standards and to do that we never, ever let our Ego get the best of us to stop  us from constantly practicing and learning. 

So, as gorgeous as we all are, no one’s face is naturally symmetrical. If you took a transparent picture of your face, dotted a line directly down the center and folded it – each feature would be slightly off – the nose, the mouth and most definitely the eyebrows. At The Good Geisha we have developed our own “Golden Ratio” to create that perfect symmetry for your face. Each eyebrow is uniquely created and sculpted to match the contours of your face (so basically no McDonald Arches, one size fits all stenciling done here).  We ensure our clients, family and friends never leave looking like an Angry Bird. We have to keep in mind very closely that these are facial tattoos –short lived or not – you will have it for a while and wont’ be able to change it. Making sure your brows are unique and perfect for your face is precisely what we do. 

There are lots of things that can be done the wrong way when getting your permanent and semi permanent make up done, so it’s mega important to only hire and trust artists who are highly trained and invested in making sure you look your absolute best (like we do here at The Good Geisha). We always offer free consultations so we can show you how we will create symmetry in your brows. 

Call us, come visit us, view us online or on any of the outlets you use – we’re pretty much on them all. So friend us on Facebook, follow us on Instagram, Twitter and make sure to view us online at so you can see our work and our beautiful clients before and after shots. 

Happy Tattooing!
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